|\|aruto is Kick-Ass! || Fantrailer (2009)

|\|aruto is Kick-Ass! || Fantrailer HD
|\|aruto is Kick-Ass! || Fantrailer
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http://www.youtube.com/user/kesidiii2 - Please add/sub my backup account in case anything happened to my main. Thank you very much! ♥

Another trailer. ;) I wanted to make one and I didn't know what movie I should choose so I just loked at the list of movies which will be up in 2010 and I though this one would be good. Even it's a type of movie I really don't need to see. xD

I've changed the beginning. He should say there „That's not me btw, blablah... It's cause I wanted Sasuke to be Kick-ass first, but I changed my mind so our hero is dreaming in there (black-white parts are fictions or a past) and Sakura has enough of it so she hits him.

|\|@ru - Kick-Ass
Sakura - Hit-Girl
Sasuke - Big Daddy (xD)
Suigetsu - Red Mist (Okay, I know Sui is not the best for this nickname, but I just wanted to have him there.)
Shikamaru is one |\|@ru's friend.

I hope you will like my another one-day work. xD The biggest problem was to find the trailer to download actually. Please don't ask me where I found it, cause I don't remember and I just searched on google for it.

Release Date:Dec 11, 2009
Genres:Film & Animation

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